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Below you'll find several faer people of whom I've captured their moment of magic on media.
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 Faer Sierra, aka the "Sneaker-Faery" poses near Deer Creek. This picture got me started! Faer Liam the Handsome wryly poses on warm rock, near the upper falls.  Faer Saleh gives in to an appearance above shimmering Deer Creek below.
Faer Ayla gets assistance from Dad in this one. Mom told me later that Ayla, upon seeing this picture, reached back to try to find her wings. :^)  Faer Hannah flew in all the way from La Maddalena, Italy. I gave her several trading-card sized pics, and her Mom later said how much fun Hannah had at a family gathering, sharpie in hand, autographing and passing out her cards from a picnic table. Faer Jessica poses with her instructor, Marianne, fluttering her wings for balance. 
 Here the "Lucky Number 7" of Faer Kate gives an exquisite pose while awaiting my pic. Kate made sure to let me know "I want long pointy ears." :^)  The brother and sister team of Season and Isreal play upon a swing. Season's beautiful blond curls stole most of my time... I wanted to catch their every detail! Dragon-winged Will gives his bro Zack a boost. Pretty good of Will, eh?
Michael flew in from Florida for this line up. Shiva swings upon a Bougainvilla. His Indian parents loved this pic. (A note about Indians I've known here: wonderful, compassionate culture. :^) Madeline plays among pink petals. She was visiting me while I was at work, playing on the carpet and always trying to stand up. I gave her these wings to help in her cause... ;^)
Kayla & Harry play tug of war. Harry saw Faer Liam's wings (above) and had to have them. Kayla wanted purple, green, and blue in her wings. The Sugar Plum Faery nests about a tree... ...Composes magic 'round a mushroom...
...Then shows off her friend Skip. Bon Marie'd indicated how "bad" her photos come out (?), but sheeze - they were all too good to pass up! ;^) Serena and Ariana are about to move apart, but wanted this photo to remember each other by.
(The following artwork copywrite © 2004.) 
A dear friend of mine from when I lived back in the Bay Area, this is Flor.
Flor is also buddies with Skip!
I got to know Flor's sister, Lydia, when she came up from El Salvador. Here she is posing with a cute little smirk... Here my neighbor Gracie poses with a young unicorn colt named "Mystery."
Her older sister Sarah loves HulaHoops. Here practicing invisible jumphoop above ground level. Meanwhile their older sister Bethany takes Buck and Chase out for a walk. The three of them often hang out together...
Here the two sisters of Kate and Laura team up amongst some irises. A close up of Kate reveals those big blues... While faer Laura darts among the flowers.
Later on, Kate takes a break upon a bloom, observing a Lady bug... And Laura decides to give her wings a rest by alighting on a flower. The first nighttime faery I've photographed, here I found myself visited by a faer Rosie, visiting Nevada County from San Luis Obispo.
I awoke one morning to find my first Morning Glory blooming, while Faer Leyla spun magique all about... "C'mon, get up!" said Soliel. "Ahh, don't worry," said Shona. "They can't see us anyhow." Here's faer Lisa in her daylight wings...
...which transform in shape and luminescense when the full moon rises! Faer Evelyn eyes a Black-eyed Susan that's threaded itself through a wrought-iron fence. Amanda stands just great on her own, even without her wings!
Here Karen shows her son Kaelin a small pearlescent butterfly, while her faer daughter Teal looks on. Later Kaelin takes a lantern leaf break. Finally, Teal get her wish of a magical encounter with Comet, a local unicorn.
Faer Emerald from Camp 20 sees to her customers quite well. Miranda relaxes on a lantern leaf... Then dances away the afternoon on her own private mushroom.
Ally Jo flies in and out of the flowers. Marissa practices dance steps... While Bon Marie goes ballet.
Marissa tugs away, teasing poor BonBon. Shemia poses along some lavendar pedals. Taylor the Red Faery Queen.
Kendra and Sara tease poor ol' Captain Hook. Kiala relaxes upon her faer unicorn. Maddie composes herself upon a dogwood flower, as her ghost-twin plays alongside.
Faer Mikayla relaxes on a flower, thinking magicalicious thoughts! Adriana imagines she's sailing through the sky on a mushroom carpet! Faer Lydia finds a great place to unfold her wings and relax.
Michaela courtsies and teases the cameraman before quickly flying away. Faer Vanessa does a balancing act on a geyser of pink flowers. The little Lady Robin uses the Dogwood flower regularly as a trampoline!
Pan and his Faery Goddess (Rob & Stephanie) met during our play and have become family! A rare find indeed: a Faery Mermaid! Actually Shannon's performing in "the Little Mermaid" locally, and I asked her to wave "hello." "Faery" Khristian would have nothing to do with butterfly wings. Not even Dragonfly wings satisfied her. "I want bat wings!" And she got 'em.
A beautiful "Little Mermaid" local, Faer Malayka is no bad potato chip at all, showing great poise as the water swirls around her. Amber & Halona play a game of toadstool roundabout after throwing birdseed at the wedding. Faery Leia rests in seated bliss while chanting her magical "OM."
Most uncommon fortune accompanies the sighting of the enchanting Faery Leia upon a red rose. The Faery Leia shows off one of her beautiful lilies in her magically enchanted garden. Magic trails the Faery Leia whenever she flys through her enchanted forest.
Faer Deleela weaves her silken magic, setting the faery ring in motion.
(up close)
By day faer Angel glides through the Oaken forests on cushioned wings... ...while by moonlight she wisps about as a Wiccan damsel! Here, she spells one of her Crocus lamps alight.


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If you can, have the subject jump on a mini-trampoline or do jump rope without the rope, and catch them up in the air. (Non-flat feet make great flying photos!) Another way to do this is to take pictures of the subject laying flat on their back... the feet relaxed here too.

Try to take a photo of the subject against a one-color background that contrasts well against them (like "blue screening").

If you've already a digital image to send, make sure it's of high resolution and quality. If you can burn several images onto a CD, that often helps quite a bit (I often use a hand from one image, or a face from another, to create a "perfect" image to use).

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